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5.Requirements for the heating grid to run efficient for wood gasification CHP




The universal wood gasification CHP manual in use for Flux-i Biopower 15 kW_e 5) requirements for an object with wood gasification CHP 


As a rule of thumb one can say in the current circumstances, that a cogeneration must achieve a maturity of at least 5.000 operating hours per year in order to refinance itself in the foreseeable future. 


A year has a total of 8.760 hours. 


If a wood gas cogeneration plant in the period from September can run until May, a maximum duration of 6.400 hours is also possible.


If the wood gas CHP designed too large and must be in the heating season, temporarily turn off or the heat is dissipated through the emergency cooler, the 5,000 operating hours are usually not achieved. 


When a woodgas cogeneration it's not a question of "which electrical power I will produce", but the question must be: "What is demand for heat the object for a long time yet? ". 


Most is the heat output of the wood gasification CHP under 30%  of the existing boiler performance. 

When planning the woodgas CHP also introducing, footprint, noise pollution, exhaust system, conduction paths Electric, gas supply and heating connections should be considered. 



5.1 CHP -Location and footprint 


The Flux-i Biopower CHP has usually a space of 2m x 2 m, without gas production, which is separately near the biomass camp outside the building. 


The heat storage  requires an installation area of 1m². The "Kippmaß" of storage must be considered. 


Additional space is required for operation and maintenance. 


Since woodgas CHP should operate continuously, bleed through even the best insulation after appropriate time.


The boiler heats up. This may be a positive effect in homes. 


However, it can also cause that forced ventilation is set. 


Especially CHP with power electronics require room temperatures in certain areas in order to cool the electronic components sufficient. 



5.2 CHP wood gas supply 


Gas lines and fittings must be in accordance with the overall performance of the CHP to be dimensioned. 


Inside the installation is to ensure adequate supply of combustion air. 

When calculating the air supply by MFeuVo, the total output of the CHP should be-set that is electric and thermal power (incl. Efficiency). 


5.3 CHP flue 


The leadership of the exhaust gas is subject to authorization. 


Here one should not be afraid to let create a mandatory, paid Protocol by the chimney sweep (Germany). 


A general verbal consent, often results in the decrease to additional requirements. From chimney sweeps should the exhaust system, the exhaust system, if no exhaust is fitted, be approved. 


With guidance by a fireplace, has a statement about the structural condition (cracks, distortions, etc.) demanded. For the flux i Biopower CHP we offer an additional "Abgasnachschalldämpfer" on, these must necessarily be used. 


Small wood gasification CHP to 50kW el. Are in their performance under the border, require a neutralization plant. 



5.4 Hydraulic CHP Integration 


The hydraulic connection is the focus of the assembly. 


It should be noted that the wood gasification CHP usually work with additional heat sources together. 


In the heating systems are appropriate pumps with different flow rates and pressures. 


In order to carry out the heating water flow properly and to let the wood gas CHP always get sufficient cooling water, the focus is on the hydraulics. 


We offer integration variants of your product. 


In principle, it should be noted:. 


  1. Operating temperature of the engine via the thermostat module or temperature maintenance an external fuse. 

  2. Pumps of consumers and producers hydraulically decouple. 

  3. With the support of heating buffers the response times of the total system extended. 

  4. The CHP has always priority. 

  5. Peak load boiler must be involved in that at-served by the CHP plant the boiler does not start (if possible use peak load control of the CHP). 

  6. With heating circuit is to make sure that is not locked with a closed radiator of circulation.. 

  7. With transfer ports is to ensure that the flow and return temperatures are still measured.. 

  8. A principal scheme for CHP integration is to create.. 

  9. At this point, the experience of the consultant and planner is asked. Experience, even if you are reflected in the price, has a direct impact on the payback period.


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Our Flux-i 15 kW_e Woogasgenerator as CHP unit with a 2.2-liter Toyota engine.


Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E
Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E

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Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E2

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Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E
Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E

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15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7



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Datasheet Mini-15_kW Biomass Gasifier CHP
Datasheet Mini-15_kW Biomass Gasifier CHP

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