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Development and Licensing of Biomass & Charcoal Gasifiers for CHP Powergeneration

Made in Germany, EU



15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7



Plants for biomass cogeneration are available in many sizes, from a power with a 1 kW (thousand watts) up to several megawatts
(Million watts). With this large powerspan, which also have linguistic differences - not only in professional circles - naturalized.


So are smaller Biomass-CHP units better under the name Cogeneration (CHP), Biomass Generators or Biomass Gasifiers known, larger plant are called cogeneration. 


The very small versions of such cogeneration systems that do not close or district heating networks, but individual objects such as input and
provide multi-family homes, hotels or small businesses, are also micro-CHP or micro-CHP called.


Such plants have an electric power of just a few kilowatts.

A small cogeneration plant is situated generally in the boiler room.

The facility is excellent silenced so that the inhabitants of a house or the guest of a hotel not disturbed during operation become.


As fuel woodgas gas is used.


The waste heat is a heat exchanger in the heating circuit the house fed.

The goal is the small power plant as many hours of the year let run.


Therefore, you will there be dimensioned so small, that it only provides a certain base load of heat. The rest
heat demand, the case for example, on cold winter days or strong demand for hot water is produced, usually provides a peak load biomass boiler,

An additional heat storage proves in many cases as a sense because then the  (CHP), Biomass Generators or Biomass Gasifiers  run even if a lot of electricity, but not heat is consumed: electricity and heat can do so through the memory in certain limits are decoupled.


The CHP,  Biomass Generators or Biomass Gasifiers can also be designed for higher capacities. This case allows its heat not only for a single house, but for larger objects such as old people's homes, swimming pools, or hospitals, industral facilities to use.


Or the heat is fed into a local or district heating network, with the supplied many individual houses or residential and commercial areas can be.


Depending on requirements, it is possible to use a CHP unit in an existing integrating supply system or allows
the replacement of boilers (replacement function).