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Development and Licensing of Biomass & Charcoal Gasifiers for CHP Powergeneration

Made in Germany, EU



5 Days Training

How do I become certified Flux-i Biopower partner?
With the completion of the Flux-i Biopower expert training you become a certified Flux-i Biopower partner.
Please note, that only manufacturer training of Flux-i Biopower are valid for partner certification.
Courses and training other educational institutions or by third parties can not be accepted.
How long the partner status is valid?
Once all criteria have been reached, the status for 12 months will be awarded.
After the 12 months re-qualification is based on the specified schema
If you have not obtained at the time of re-skilling the necessary evaluation criteria and sales necessary in the past 12 months, you will be re-classified according to the partner program
In this case, you can request at any time to be re-classified.
Here again the turnover of the previous 12 months is considered.

5 Days Partner-Training