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Development and Licensing of Biomass & Charcoal Gasifiers for CHP Powergeneration

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The Gasification Unit


By a gasification plant, a starting material is with the aid of a gasification agent thermally converted, thus producing a combustible product gas.

The necessary energy in the form of heat is either by an external Source generates and indirectly supplied to the timber
(allothermal process) or provided by partial combustion of the wood (autothermal method).

Since the indirect supply of heat is technically very complex, come in the small power range practically only authotherme method used. Also, only air used as a gasifying agent in small Holzvergasungsanlgen usually.


In principle, also come oxygen or water vapor in question.


Among the solid biofuels is wood is the least problematic fuel.
This is mainly because that wood has relatively small amounts of nitrogen, chlorine and other for an incinerator difficult ingredients. In addition, the percentage of non-combustible materials, which remain as ash or are discharged as dust, comparatively low.
Plant concepts for the gasification of solid biomass in the low power range, therefore, rely generally on wood as feedstock, since the technological challenges are relatively large anyway.

The use of wood pellets would due to the uniform lumpiness and the low water content have great advantages, but come for reasons of cost in Germany as a starting material is usually only woodchips in question.

A plant for the gasification of wood chips can of course be operated continuously when a wood chip storage for the continuous supply makes fuel.

Although Proper storage of wood chips is at this point are discussed in more detail.


However, it should be noted that in particular can lead to dry wood chips commonly used for wood gasification to a notable dust.

As a result, dust deposits can also form outside the actual storage area. This holds especially a potential danger, when the dust settles on hot surfaces. Under unfavorable circumstances, it could lead to fire or even dust explosions.


15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7



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