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Development and Licensing of Biomass & Charcoal Gasifiers for CHP Powergeneration

Made in Germany, EU



Frequently asked questions



Feeding the woodchips and biomass to the gasifier


The supply of wood chips for Gasification plant takes place from the first camp via screw conveyors or


Augers are opposite to long chips, so-called excess lengths, significantly more sensitive as pushrods.


Though are pushrod systems also worth mentioning expensive.

At the actual transition between the storage area and gasification plant is installed a "Schleusenystem" usually that
dosed the chip feeding and ensures that no hot product gases from the escape gasifier or enter the chips camps where they cause a fire could lead.

As lock systems for the wood chips entry at Wood gasification plants are valves normally, gate valves or rotary valves used.

In all three systems, by the fuel the effect of gravity into the gasification reactor reach, if it is a plant with fuel flow
is from top to bottom. Switch Valves-power of an upper-tight Position to an open position abkippende, gate valves are pneumatically or motor-driven pre- and cut back to allow the fuel passage and feeders resemble a paddle wheel which is tightly surrounded by a tire above the fuel admission and below the fuel discharge permits.


All three systems can not guarantee a perfect seal, however, is a gas outlet unlikely when the throttle is operated in a slight vacuum.


For plants, where the fuel is supplied from below, the financial statements provide a strong compression of the supplied is reached wood chips, wherein the necessary pressure is usually generated by a screw.

It should be noted that disturbances in the supply immediately in an uneven operation the gasification plant and after a short time in an interruption of gas production can lead.


15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7