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The universal wood gasification CHP handbook in use for Flux-i Biopower 15 kW_e

Wood gasification CHP components


4. wood gasification CHP components 
4.1 The CHP module, the engine, the generator

Toyota Motor and PM generator form the heart of the Flux-i Biopower wood CHP. 

These components are housed in a sound and heat-resistant casing. 

When planning is to pay attention to space and weight of this unit. 

If required, the sound development at this motor is placed on a generator unit according decoupled foundation. 

If these units are not to dismantle, even an exchange of complete unit needs repairs are taken into account. 


In Flux-i CHP, the regulation is of not integrated in the housing, but outsourced to additional cabinets. 

This also applies to additional components of the gas generation and exhaust device.



4.2 Wood gasification CHP & peak load boiler !!!!


Usually be driven in conjunction with peak load boiler natural gas or wood gasification CHP. 

The reason lies in the fact that CHP heat out work. 

The CHP will be designed in the thermal base load at the longest maturities to achieve. 

In the heating season the performance of wood pellet CHP is not sufficient for the heat supply. 

This "residual heat" must be generated by an appropriate back-up boiler. 


Peak load boiler should be controlled by the CHP. 


Again, is the "Flux-i Biopower" CHP an exception role. 

In conjunction with special peak load boilers, the "Flux-i Biopower" request the boiler modulating. 


Some wood gasification CHP have no heating control, then the peak load boiler must take on this task. 


If a system is newly designed, then the peak load boiler can be less adapted than conventional heating. 


4.3 woodchip CHP heating buffer 


As explained working wood gasification CHP best in combination with buffers. 

The buffers should be construed as a stratified storage tank. 

Thus, a mixing of the accumulator is prevented. 


In Memory Up to the warm and storage below the cold water to be stored. 

Given by corresponding guide plates are incorporated in the heat storage. 


Preferably, all heat generating should load into heat storage. In heat storage above the heating water is removed. 


Downstairs is the coldest water, as reflux (cooling water) for the wood gas CHP. 


Even short-term temperature changes affect the storage only very slowly and enter the biomass generator CHP time to fix or disable.


Is the term memory often at thought big heat storage. 


An on small wood gas CHP inserted memory with 1,000 L volume can actually save only about 23 kWh of heat. 


In a house with a heat load of max. 25kW is that quantity consumed in one hour. 

At the market various storage are offered. 


4.3.1 Wood gas cogeneration Classic Heating Buffer Tank 


The classic heating buffer tank has baffles which are designed to prevent an intermixing. For lack of space, the water heating can be carried out directly in the heating buffer tank. See 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. 


4.3.2 wood gasification CHP & Kombi heat storage 


This memory has a second inner container in the hot water lapped by heating water is stored. The hot water heating-water is then on the temperature of storage above. About a circuit admixing the temperature is mixed to the desired Warmwassertem-temperature. 


4.3.3 Biomass CHP & Multifunction Storage (MTB) 


While stored in the combined storage tank hot water, is carried out at any decrease in water MTB memory an exchange of water. A legionella circuit is not necessary in this store. Bacteria can grow on the basis of the regular flow not form. 


4.4 pellet-CHP & loading and unloading 


While some natural gas CHP derive their waste heat via a heating pump directly to the store, other CHP be driven with "return temperature". These systems have two Tasks. First, a uniform temperature is to be kept in the motor. Because if only cold water is present in the memory, the motor would very late reaches operating temperature. To carry the water back, it is partially or completely funded via a short distance back. 


The second task is to regulate the flow temperature for storage. Wood gas cogeneration without temperature maintenance control engine temperature via thermostat valves, while the temperature of the flow line is only partially regulated. 


4.5 Wood gasification CHP heating circuits and their control 


The driving style of all CHP plants is different to itself which of boilers.


During the boiler only when needed (as little as possible) turns on to the wood CHP whenever possible run. 


It is therefore always produces heat. In the upper part of the store there is always hot water heating. 


Is to waste no heat a quality heating control supplied. 


Our most technically developed wood gas CHP has integrated a multi-heating circuit powered by Loxone  in CHP and includes them in modulation and production programs. 


Again, our wood cogeneration is mentioned "Flux-i Biopower" CHP exemplary. Its very comfortable heating control for 16 independent heating circuits will be incorporated by the engine management system in the modulation, while other manufacturers rules with standard heater controls regardless of the CHP. 


Here the CHP then responds only to return, buffer or engine temperature. Heating demand is not recognized by this CHP. 


4.6 Wood gas cogeneration exhaust system


The wood gasification CHP opposed the boiler not BImschV (Germany) but the TA-Luft (Germny) . Although the TA-Luft is not monitored by chimney sweeps, the leadership of the exhaust path is subject to authorization. 


The exhaust system can be reviewed annually or 2-year depending on the state. 


The exhaust gas measurement is carried out by trained service companies.


Wood- and gas-CHP are similarly checked the car on CO and NOx. The recommended exhaust systems of the various manufacturers differ. From plastic systems on aluminum, steel tube and exhaust to direct discharges in fireplaces are different variants recommended. 


Combinations with boilers in a common exhaust stack are limited. 


Wood-CHP exhaust gases have positive pressure, thereby limiting atmospheric burner is already certain boilers. 


By appropriately qualified persons must have a "cascade" are calculated. Finally, the flue of a chimney sweep must be approved. Uniform definitions are not enforced in the guilds.


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Our Flux-i 15 kW_e Woogasgenerator as CHP unit with a 2.2-liter Toyota engine.


Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E
Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E

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Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E2
Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E2

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Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E
Holz BHKW Biomass gasifier Flux-i 15 kW_E

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15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7



Datasheet Mini-15_kW Biomass Gasifier CHP
Datasheet Mini-15_kW Biomass Gasifier CHP

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