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Development and Licensing of Biomass & Charcoal Gasifiers for CHP Powergeneration

Made in Germany, EU



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Discharge devices, Ash removal

The remaining usually in the lower part of the plant below a grate ash must be held for a fully automatic operation of the system without intervention by staff become.


It is also important that the density of the corresponding devices sufficient to provide an oxidation of the carbon in the ash by entering To prevent air.


This could otherwise to a heating of ashes with subsequent Melt and slagging come.

If the carbon content is in the ash more than 5 percent, it is from an economic perspective important because the legal requirements, in principle, a landfill of not allowed material and thus only costly disposal methods in question
would come.


15 kW_e Woodgas Generator CHP

Making baseload heat and power

To use grid tie or offgrid 15.000 Watt_electrical power

Heat production 30.000 Watts_thermal power

Biomassconsumption  100...120 tons / year @  8.000 hours/year

Works without any grid, offgrid usage any time 24/7