Small Charcoal Power Generator 15.000 Watt Carbon Negative Power



DEV: Charcoal + Power Generation =



Biomass Power Generator for Offgrid & Grid tie usage. Woodgas CHP Heat and Power 1,4 kg Wood equals  1 kWh Electricity. 

Small Biomass Combined Heat & Power Generator 15.000 Watt Power  USED TO MAKE ELECTRICITY FROM Wood by Gasification
1) Question: I'm interested in the new machine, what can I do with it?


Answer: With this device it is possible to produce a so called producer gas from solid organic fuels. The product gas can be used similar to biogas plants to generate electricity. Particularly effective is the SIMULTANEOUS production of electricity and heat. This is called combined heat and power, CHP abbreviated.


Inquiries from around the world confirm that the decentralized small power producers are economically interesting in particular the following scenarios:    


  1. Charcoal situation in the food industry, Asia, Middle East, South America    

  2. Charcoal situation in the woodworking Industrie    

  3. Island operation in remote areas    

  4. Emergency situation    



2) Question: What fuels can technology be used with the Flux-i Biopower?


Answer: The Flux-i Biopower technology makes it possible, that solid organic materials can be converted into product gas and from the gas with our own developed chp heat and power.


3) Question: Can a device be used for all fuels?


Answer: Currently, devices can be developed for different fuels.

For example, there will be a series of chips and preferable charcoal.


3) Question: Can the Flux-i Biopower technology can be used for my specific fuel?


Answer: Charcoal is the preferred fuel. For each specific fuel deviating charcoal according to Austrian Ö-Norm and deviation from standard wood pellets CAN A special version (for example for bamboo) can be developed. This development MUST be pre-ordered because each fuel has a different quality. These licenses may be granted. From this answer, there is also that forecasts without fuel tests are meaningless. Fuel tests can also be commissioned.


4) Question: What fuels have been tested so far?


Answer: We have been successfully tested in the engine operating with the following fuels for the product gas. Charcoal, Coal, Wood chips, wood pellets, chicken manure pellets, horse manure pellets, joinery waste, briquettes, charcoal, grass, straw, waste from food.


5) Question: What price can be expected?


Answer: The current calculations have shown that the selling prices will remain at about at 6.500 per kW_e, depending on equipment. The Flux-i Biopower can be ordered on your local reseller.


6) Question: Where can I see a device with the Flux-i Biopower technology?


Answer: If you want to see the engine running with your specific biomass as fuel, you can send us 300 kg of your chipped fuel. We run your fuel against payment. If the fuel can be used in our engine after a one week test, you can come to us in Germany see how our engine runs with your fuel and measure the output of electricity.


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